DIRAC Corporate Image

During summer 2012 DIRAC updated his corporative image in order to better reflect the new scope of the project. A new logo was proposed and accepted by the majority of the developers:

DIRAC logo RGB (png)On the one hand it defines a new set of DIRAC colors and at the same it also provides a new motto “THE INTERWARE”, underlying the role of DIRAC as interface, integration and interoperation software. The logo consist of 2 elements, the symbol (a 3 color hexagon) and a typography. The meaning of the hexagon symbol is presented in DIRAC Logo essence, and can be used independently of the typography in 3 different versions:

The usage of the new corporate image is described in DIRAC Corporate Identity Manual.

A complete set of logo, symbol and typography, in the 3 different styles (RGB, B/W, W/B) in PNG format can be downloaded from:

and in JPG format from:

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