DIRAC Consortium Agreement Signed

Thanks to all of you that contributed, the “DIRAC Consortium Agreement” has now been signed.

The Board of representatives met  for the first time last Monday Feb. 24th in Geneva. The representatives were: P. Charpentier (CERN), A. Tsaregorodtsev (CNRS) and R. Graciani (UB), M. Cattaneo and L. Linsen (excused her presence) were invited to join. Official minutes will come soon.

By consensus, the board nominate A. Tsaregorodtsev as Technical Coordinator and R. Graciani as Coordinator of the DIRAC Consortium. A. Casajus will from now on be the new representative of UB in the Board.

The Board also agreed to hold a new meeting in the near future in which the program of the coming DIRAC User Workshop (to be prepared by F. Stagni) will be reviewed and the list of institutions that would be invited to join the Consortium (to be prepared by R. Graciani) will be defined.

The periodicity of DIRAC User Workshops was discussed and it was decided that it should be celebrated once a year, between mid May and mid June.

Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

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