Last week DIRAC France Grilles instance reached the first 1.000.000 jobs done!!!

DIRAC France Grilles went into production in May 2012 and reached the number of processed jobs of 1 million in less than 3 months. The job number 1000000 belongs to the Biomed Virtual Organization and ran in the site, August 21, 2012.

The FG-DIRAC instance has more than 60 registered users and supports 12 Virtual Organizations. A particularity of this instance is the way how it is administered.  Different laboratories working together with France Grilles and using DIRAC, collaborate in the administration and monitoring of this instance. Each institute takes care about the system during one week one after another, resolving the problems encountered. The main idea is to provide the DIRAC service for different communities with a minimum effort for the administrators.

France is the first country with this kind initiative to use DIRAC to support multi VOs and a team of administrators. Other national DIRAC installations are already available ( IberGrid ), more installations will follow.

More than 1000000 jobs done !!!

Note: Virtual Organizations supported by DIRAC France Grilles instance are:, biomed, esr, euasia,,, gilda,,,,, and

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