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This page has been created in order to host information about existing DIRAC installations providing a single access point for new and exiting users to learn about the current usage of DIRAC in different domains.

  • AcademicGrid
  • Belle II
  • EGI
  • CTA
  • FranceGrilles
  • GridPP
  • Ibergrid
  • IHEP
  • ILC
  • LHCb

For a single access point to the instances please connect to:

To get your installation available through that portal, we need that you add a new
host to the Registry section of your configuration and sent a logo and preferred name to

DN: /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ecm-ub/
Properties: TrustedHost

# dirac-admin-add-host -H “” -D
“/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ecm-ub/” -P “TrustedHost”

Administrators of DIRAC installations are kindly requested to contact to get an account to provide their contributions.

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